Construction Site Toilet Hire

Construction Site Toilet Hire

Site Toilet Hire

Are you about to start work on a construction project? House extension? New-build? Or even commercial work? Whatever the job, it's important to make sure you have the right facilities in place. Site toilets are a must. They make things better not only for your workers, but your clients too.

Need to sort out portable toilets for your building project? BorderLoos is based near Carlisle and supplies toilets all over the North of England and Scotland. Get in touch today for a FREE quote. Give us a call on 01228 792792 to get one now.

Without site toilets, where will your workers go? They could look for the nearest public restroom. But who knows how far that might be? In remote areas, it's just not an option. In more built-up areas, how many distractions will be on the way?

If you're working on a house, they could use the homeowner's toilet. But is that ideal? Building work already disrupts normal life, having your staff in and out to use the toilet will only do more so.

With portable site toilets from BorderLoos, you can avoid all these problems. Distance between workers and toilets is reduced to nothing at all. So they'll spend less time searching for a loo and more time working. They won't have to use your client's toilets either. So there'll be no trailing dirt through the home or interrupting daily life. It'll be (almost) as if they're not there.

Having no site toilets means you risk being on the wrong side of HSE. Guidelines provided by HSE help make sure workers have good conditions to work in. Understandably, giving your workers toilet and hand washing facilities is essential. If you don't provide this, there are penalties.

OK. So you pretty much have to have site toilets. But why BorderLoos?

What do I do with all the waste?

We're a registered and approved waste carrier, so we'll safely and quickly dispose of it.

And if we have any problems with the toilets?

BorderLoos offers a 24/7 call-out service. We have technicians ready to help if anything does happen.

Some sites might not have enough water, what then?

BorderLoos is able to provide up to 1000 litres of extra water if you need it.

How do I get a BorderLoo?

Easy. We have our own fleet of vehicles, so we'll deliver straight to your site. And collect any toilets when you're done.

Stay on the right side of HSE regulations with the easiest solution. Get in touch with BorderLoos today to improve your workers' welfare. Give us a call on 01228 792792 for a quicker response.

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