Event and Festival Toilet Hire

Event and Festival Toilet Hire

Event Toilet Hire

Want to put on an event or festival? You've probably got the entertainment sorted. Musicians, speakers, comedians, things to keep your audience happy. Something to give them a reason to go. But what about the less exciting things? Have you even thought about toilets? Nature calls for everyone every once in a while. If the location of your event doesn't have facilities already, you'll need to provide them.

Need to hire a toilet? Whether you need one or dozens, BorderLoos will help. We're based in Carlisle, but supply portable toilets all over the North of England and Scotland. Get in touch today to get a FREE quote. Give us call on 01228 792792 to get one now.

What kind of event are you putting on?

Having toilets at your event is pretty much a given. But will you have enough? Without sufficient toilets at your venue, you'll have lines of cross-legged punters. They'll be uncomfortable and may even miss something they’d like to see. And if you don't have enough toilets, the ones you do have will get dirtier faster.

For the sake of your attendees, it's important to make sure you have enough. With Border Loos we have the expertise to help you assess your needs. We have toilet trailers for hire which have multiple toilets in one unit. As well as giving you more than a standard single portable toilet, it looks neater too.

Worried about your toilets getting messy too quickly or running out of toilet paper? With BorderLoos' optional attendant service, you won't have to. Our dedicated full time attendants will keep a watchful eye over your portable toilets. They'll keep things pristine for your guests and make sure they never run out of paper or soap.

What about all the waste?
What about it? BorderLoos take care of it. We'll dispose of all waste quickly and correctly.

My event is overnight, what if there's a problem?At Border Loos we understand that events aren't just 9-5. So we offer 24/7 support. Border Loos technicians are always on call ready to help you.

Concerned there might not be enough water on site?
Border Loos will give you an optional extra 100 litre water cubes if necessary. We'll place them near toilets for ease, so you won't have to worry about drying up.

How do I get a BorderLoo?
Easy. We have our own fleet of vehicles, so we'll deliver them to you ourselves.

Make your guests as comfortable as possible. Get in touch today to find how BorderLoos can help make your event a success. Give us a call on 01228 792792 to find out sooner.

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