Construction & Long Term Hire

How many units do I need?

All portable toilets have limited capacity and require regular servicing. On construction sites it is a legal requirement that one WC is made available on site per seven people during a 40 hour working week. A weekly service should also be provided and BorderLoos work closely with many contractors to ensure that site facilities are maintained in a safe and hygienic condition. In Scotland employers must also provide warm water arm wash facilities and this is likely to be adopted throughout the UK in the coming years.

In addition to single self contained toilets, BorderLoos can also supply multi use jack leg units and gents urinals which are particularly suited to larger sites. Please speak to our hire team who will be happy to advise on your requirements.

What facilities are there inside the unit?

Each portable toilet unit has a re-circulating flushing toilet, pedestal fresh water sink and consumables including paper hand towels and a toilet roll dispenser. Consumables are replenished as required in line with your planned service programme.

How are units delivered?

We have a wide range of purpose built vehicles to ensure that deliveries can be made even to the most challenging locations.

How are the units serviced?

Our service vehicles will arrive on site as per your hire contract schedule to service the portable toilet unit. They will empty the contents of the toilet, clean and deodorise the inside of the tank and toilet cubicle, prime the toilet tank with a non hazardous toilet addictive and fresh water, re-fill sink with water (not suitable for drinking) also re-stock with toilet rolls, paper hand towels and soaps. The service technician will then initial and date the Service Procedure sheet which is normally located inside the facility.

What is included in the hire rate?

A programmed service of the unit along with re-stocking of all consumables (toilet tissue, paper hand towels and soap) as listed in your hire contract.

What access will be needed for delivery and service vehicle?

You need to provide enough access so our delivery & service vehicle can pull up alongside the toilet unit.

Can they be moved once positioned?

Yes, but you must inform us if you do this, and advise us immediately should you want to relocate the unit to another site.

Are there lights in the toilets?

The toilet trailers have lights fitted, the single self contained units, single shower units and multiple gents urinal units do not. However, the smaller units have translucent roofs or windows which give good daylight illumination. The units could also be sited beneath existing lighting on site which should provide lighting internally for evening use.

Will there be an emergency number for me to contact in the event that there is a problem?

Yes. If you have a problem out of hours, simply call BorderLoos main telephone number – 01228 792 792.

Do I need to arrange insurance in case of damage or vandalism to the equipment at my event?

It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that adequate insurance is taken out covering all facilities for the duration of the event to cover damage and theft. BorderLoos offers excellent value damage waiver and you will be offered this at the time of booking.

Additional Products For Hire

BorderLoos doesn't just hire toilet facilities but can also supply high quality Picnic Tables to provide excellent additional indoor or outdoor seating for your guests and GroundProtector all weather surface protection to create safe pedestrian walkways and vehicle access. Gas and electric powered showers, along with safety and security fencing are also available to hire. Your Customer Account Manager will be pleased to provide details.

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