Toilet Trailer Hire

Toilet Trailer Hire

Toilet Trailers for Hire

Looking for something a bit more than your standard portable toilet? A single toilet unit is fine if you just need the one. And if you've got nobody to impress. But picture putting on a larger event. For a start, you'll have more people to provide for. You'll want to make them come back, so you'll need to make sure they have a positive experience all round. In these instances, you'll need something a little more special.

Want toilet trailer hire for your event? BorderLoos is based in Carlisle, but supplies event toilets all over the North and Scotland. Get in touch today for a FREE quote. Give us a call on 01228 792792 to get one now.

Whether you're putting on a sporting event, festival or whatever, you'll want to impress your guests. No doubt, the acts you've booked will have that covered. But it's important to please your guests with facilities, too.

It'd be a shame to ruin the memory of a good band with filthy toilets afterwards. You want a toilet that looks the part, too. But surely a portable toilet can only be ugly?

Not quite. Of course, standard portable toilets you might find on building sites aren't the best looking. But not all portable toilets are made the same. We have toilet trailers for hire in various specifications. With these you get more than the green or blue plastic exterior. Our toilet trailers come with sleek white exteriors, giving them an air of cleanliness.

Inside, it gets even better. Warm wood finishes, sinks and hand towels will make your guests feel right at home. They even flush! This isn't the dingy, dark interior of a plastic portable toilet. BorderLoos toilet trailers show your guests you really care.

What if something forces me to move my toilets?

No problem. Toilet trailers were made to be moved. Simply attach them onto an appropriate vehicle and move them somewhere more suitable.

Impressed? Outdoor toilets are bound to get messy, though, right? If you want to ensure your BorderLoos toilet trailer stays sparkling, we've just the thing. As an optional extra we'll provide a full-time toilet attendant. You won't have to worry about the state of the toilets. Our attendant will keep them looking good as new for each of your guests.

At BorderLoos we have the following toilet trailers available:

Why risk displeasing your guests with basic toilets? Get in touch with BorderLoos today to find out exactly how toilet trailers can improve your event. Give us a call on 01228 792792 for a faster response.

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